Floors are the foundation of your entire house. They tie into your entire color scheme and style within your home. They’re also long lasting, so investing in good floors is a must!

Flooring is the best thing to invest in when renovating your house. They can make (or break) the appeal easily. If you’re renovating your house in 2020, be sure to keep these flooring trends in mind!

We’ll cover hardwood flooring trends first

2020 Hardwood Flooring Trends: Stain and Color

This is the year that redder and warmer tones are heading out of style. There is more demand for dark and light hardwood (as extremes). Cooler and browner tones are also on the rise. The overall shift is for more muted tones this year.

Preference for darker colors has been rising steadily for the last decade. This is often for those who don’t have a problem maintaining the cleanliness of the floors. If you’re looking for beautiful dark hardwoods, try ebony mixes like dark walnut or jacobean. Other tones on the darker side are dark walnut, antique brown, coffee brown, or special walnut.

Gray has been popular in many house remodel adventures, from walls to floors it has seen an overall increase in demand since 2010.

For those who aren’t looking to darken their floors, natural muted tones are increasingly popular! The major theme is the “natural” look of the floors. However, people are avoiding the floors with yellow tones and opting for the cooler undertones.

Below are some of our beautiful options!

Gray or Gray Blends 

2020 Hardwood Trends: Gray & Gray Blends | All Flooring USA

  • Latitude Foundry Hickory in Fumed Gray by Mannington
  • Andrea Collection in Livorno by Villagio
  • Coastal Couture in Compass Oak by Mohawk Industries
  • Manhattan in Chelsea Oak Gray by UA Floors
  • Truetek - Bravue in Cosmic Oak by Quick Step

Light, Natural, More Muted

2020 Hardwood Trends: Naturals | All Flooring USA

  • Truetek - Elonge in Carriage Oak by Quick Step
  • Truetek - Bravue in Cascade Oak by Quick Step
  • American Classics - American Oak Plank 3 Inch in Natural ½” by Mannington
  • Hand Crafted Smokehouse Oak in Charcoal by Mannington
  • Castle Combe West End in Mayfair by USFloors


2020 Hardwood Trends: Ultralight | All Flooring USA

  • Coastal Couture in Coastline Oak by Mohawk Industries
  • Truetek - Bravue in Sailor Oak by Quick Step
  • Hand Crafted - Iberian Hazelwood in Macadamia by Mannington
  • Natural Bamboo Expressions Smooth in Cotton by UsFloors

Cool toned Hardwoods

  • Alehouse in Doppelbock by Johnson Hardwood
  • American Classics - American Oak Plank 3 in in Leather by Mannington
  • Castle Combe West End in Haymarket by USFloors

Dark Hardwoods

  • American Classics - American Oak Plank 3 in in Smoke ½” by Mannington
  • Natural Bamboo Traditions in Jacobean by USFloors
  • Natural Bamboo Muse Strand in Sable by USFloors

2020 Carpet Trends

Carpet trends are going another way from hardwoods. The color trends for carpets seem to be grey (of course), blue, multicolor, and ombre!

Bright, bold colors and cool, subdued blues are two carpet trends catching the eye of many renevators. Gray carpets are of course in as well, as gray is on the rise in most aspects of home remodeling!

Gray Carpets

2020 Carpet Trends: Gray, Blue, and Bold | All Flooring USA

Ah yes, another gray trend! While some of the other trends may lean more to “fads”, gray is here to stay. Check out our favorite gray carpet options:

  • Top-Notch in Arctic Seal by Mohawk Industries
  • Urban Studio in Steel Border by Mohawk Industries
  • Natural Splendor II in Stormwatch by Mohawk Industries
  • Witty Charm in Graphite by Mohawk Industries

Blue Carpets

Blue is mainly associated with calm and serenity. Blue is a perfect accentuation to the grey everything trend happening in today’s home remodels.While being muted enough to look appealing to many demographics, it still adds that hint of color to any living space.

  • Witty Charm in Key Largo by Mohawk Industries
  • Winward Point in Evening Sky by Mohawk Industries
  • Solo in Lake Erie by Mohawk Industries
  • Solo in Twilight by Mohawk Industries
  • Famous Fair in Cadet Blue by Mohawk Industries

Bold Carpet Colors

Oranges, Purples, and multicolored carpets and rugs are adding the pop of color most homes are looking for. While some people are opting for full wall to wall spectacular carpets, rugs are most likely to stay for long time stretches.

  • Youthful Spirit in Grenadine by Mohawk Industries
  • Famous Fair in Bright Ruby by Mohawk Industries
  • Witty Charm in Grape Jam by Mohawk Industries
  • Youthful Spirit in Emerald Bay by Mohawk Industries

Multi-Color and Ombre

Ombre is a popular trend in lots of aspects in life (mainly in hair!), and now it’s making its way onto your floor! While the bright colors fading into a muted one is eye catching, it might not be the right option for wall to wall coverage.

2020 Tile Flooring Trends

2020 Tile Trends | All Flooring USA

Tile has a much more broad range of looks that are trending in 2020. From finishes, to color, to size, to patterns, there are many ways to find a unique tile floor for your home.

We’ll break this segment into four categories: looks, colors, layout/patterns, and shapes/sizes.


There are a variety of looks for tiles, the tile looks that are trending in 2020 are: wood look, marble look, natural stone look, concrete look, metallic look, and fabric look.


Color trends for tile in 2020 are gray (again!), blonde, white, warm, muted, high variation, and bold! There’s a bit of extremes at play again, with more preference on lighter colors.

Layout and Patterns

In the world of tile, plain tile layouts are out. Interesting patterns are the new rage! With several fun patterns on the rise like: geometric, parquet, chevron, herringbone, multi-tile, and mixed-width!


Bigger is indeed better when it comes to shape trends in 2020. There’s a large preference for large tile planks, particularly wide ones as well. Two other trends are large-format tile and hexagon.

Some great trending tile options we have are:

  • Blocks in Dark Gray 18 x 36 by Tesoro.
  • Scotland Stone in Stone Grey by Mohawk Industries
  • Zephyr in Draft by Emser Tile
  • Coliseum Cararra in Carrara by Tesoro