If appliances are the hands and flooring is the feet then cabinets are the heart of your house. Besides storing all your appliances, they make the greatest visual impact of space.

Want to refresh your cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors for an updated look? Or are you planning to add a touch of refinement by choosing the right cabinets which go with your new floor tiles? We've got you covered.

Spice up your storage spots in the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor with decorative colors, finishes and hardware. Whether you prefer a traditional look or something sleek and modern, you can keep your cabinets up-to-date by following these ideas that will stay modern in 2020 and beyond.

1. Open Shelves

Showcase your pantries in open shelves and display your items aesthetically. Your kitchen and bathroom can have an extra clean and ultra-organized look with these open shelves.

2. Glass Cabinetry

Glass-front cabinet doors give the eye a break from the traditional wall-to-wall cabinets. Ideal to display pretty chine-ware, vases, and glasses, glass-front cabinet doors create a light and fresh look.

3. Vertical opening Systems

Although traditional hinged doors are still being used, the cabinets with vertically opening doors are trending. As they are safe, take less space, and provide a break from the traditional cabinets, they are in trend.

4. Smart Cabinets

As electrical devices and appliances are becoming more and more a common phenomenon, smart cabinets are in demand. Smart Cabinets are the cabinets that provide safe and water-proof storage for electrical devices and appliances inside the cabinets. An installed charging unit inside the cabinet can ensure that your devices can be charged conveniently. Furthermore, you can ask your cabinet maker or installer to drill holes inside your cabinets for the wires.

5. Cabinet Lights

You can light up your cabinets with integrated lighting. LED lights have recently been a popular choice. They are cost-efficient and generate almost no heat. By installing LED lights under-cabinet or inside a cabinet, you can illuminate your storage space.

When you have an over-head cabinet above your sink, consider using under-cabinet lighting. This way you can light up your sink. Interior cabinet lighting, on the other hand, illuminates the inside of your cabinet. By manually or automatically switching on the lights in the cabinet, you can have a good look at what is inside your cabinets.

6. Durable Material

Whether it's a cabinet inside your kitchen, bathroom or outdoors, the builders prefer durable and long-lasting materials. Alder and Maple's woods are trending this year for building cabinets all over the house. Being environment-friendly and long-lasting, they are the No. 1 choice for house renovators and builders. Using conversion varnish adds an extra layer of protection to the timeless classic. Add more storage to your outdoor kitchen or back yard with confidence by choosing the right material for your cabinet.

7. Furniture-Like Cabinets

Another common trend for 2020 is to install the cabinets which can be used as furniture as well. These cabinets could be free-standing or used as china hutches, tables or stools.

8. Return to Color

Although grey and white cabinets were trending last year, yet that tide is about to change. Renovators prefer a pop of color in cabinets to make them stand out against the darker backsplashes and warm wood-like floors. Blue, turquoise, and avocado are the three trending shades for cabinets.

9. Minimalist Handles

Looks like urban chic and European Minimalist movement is taking over the cabinet trends in the US! In 2020, home builders are likely to opt for low-key, invisible knobs or pulls in cabinets. As handleless cabinets are trending, push-to-open mechanisms are trending.


In 2020, innovative, minimalist, colorful, and smart cabinets are trending. To effectively use space, home builders tend to install cabinets that could be used as furniture as well. Make sure that the cabinets you wish to install are made up of durable material. Consider properly lighting up your cabinets. Refresh the look of your home by following the above-mentioned cabinet trends.