Flooring is an important part of any remodel or new build. It ties together the overall look and feel of the home. With all of the flooring options though, how are you supposed to choose? Well each type of flooring comes with its own pros and cons and we’re going to cover a few of them today.

Is Tile the Right Choice?
Tile has a broad selection from colors to textures to shapes. It can easily fit in to any style home without compromising the overall vibe of the home. It is versatile and extremely durable. If you’re looking to place flooring where it has a chance to get wet easily (such as a kitchen or bathroom), tile is by far the best choice. It resists moisture, odors, scratches, and bacteria. It’s also low maintenance, making it perfect for homes with children or pets! However, keep in mind that since tile is very hard, falling on it isn’t very nice. If you have children learning to walk or elderly people at risk of falling, use minimal tile in your house or cushion high traffic areas with rugs.

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Is Carpet the Right Choice?
Carpets are soft, luxurious flooring options. Unlike tile, carpets are much nicer to fall on when your little ones are learning to walk. Most people are concerned with having carpet due to high maintenance and the possibility of stains. However, carpet manufacturers have the solution! Mohawk products including their stain-resistant technology are an incredible solution that we carry. It’s perfect for high traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms. Carpets also have a variety of textures and colors to easily blend in to the home.

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Is Hardwood the Right Choice?
Hardwood is praised as one of the most elegant flooring options. It’s incredibly durable and gives a natural beauty to the home. Similarly to tile, it is easy to maintain. With engineered hardwoods, normal worries like expansion and contraction due to humidity changes are nothing to worry about anymore. It can be installed on any level of the home. You can choose a variety of patterns to draw more inspiration for the rest of your home be it rustic or modern. You can go dark wood to give a cozier feel, or use a lighter wood to open a room up visually.

Is Laminate the Right Choice?
Laminate is a more cost efficient option without sacrificing the look of hardwood or stone. It’s easy to maintain like Tile or Hardwood, and is also easy to install. A pro for this type of flooring is that many products are made of recycled materials, giving you an environmentally friendly option. Laminate is also durable and versatile as well.

Are Luxury Vinyl Planks the Right Choice?
Luxury Vinyl Planks are the flooring choice of 2020. They offer the texture of more premium flooring types without emptying your wallet. They’re waterproof and durable making them ideal for high traffic areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. They’re the perfect option for families with pets or children that tend to cause messes. They allow versatile patterns for even the most complex home layouts.

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