All floors are not created equal. Begin the next year with a bang by setting up a floor that is durable, stylish and unique. If you are looking for the combination of cost efficiency, trendiness, mand sophistication, then look no further. Vinyl Plank Flooring is your best option.

The type of Vinyl Plank Flooring which mimics the wooden floor best is called Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP). Luxury Vinyl Planks create spectacular floors that are ingeniously designed to look like hardwood or stone and built to endure the busiest households.

From time-worn wood to a blond maple or a rich Brazilian Cherry, you are guaranteed the style that you want, at a price that you desire.

7 Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Planks is Your

Best Flooring Option
Here are the top 7 Reasons why Luxury Vinyl Planks are the best flooring option in 2020 and beyond.

1. Affordable
Price is the first thing that makes Vinyl Plank Flooring stand out. Luxury Vinyl Planks cost from $2 to$7 per square foot on average. Whereas hardwood floor costs almost double. When compared with the other types of tiles, Vinyl Plank Flooring is certainly an affordable option.

2. Durable
Scratches, chips, and dings are not a concern if you opt for Vinyl Plank Flooring. You don’t have to fret if you have kids or pets at home. Luxury Vinyl Planks are durable, long-lasting and do not require refinishing like a hardwood floor. However, they are not entirely immune to damage, especially under heavy furniture or appliances.

3. Water Resistance
Vinyl Planks are waterproof, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens. You can also install them in below-grade in basements. Furthermore, if you have kids, consider replacing your living room carpet with Vinyl flooring as spills and messes are a frequent occurrence there.

4. An array of Colors and Styles
Vinyl planks are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns which give your room the look that your heart desires. From ebony to whitewashed, oak to exotic cedars, you are sure to find your favorite pattern and color with perfect ease. They also come in different shapes and textures. Most vinyl planks are rectangular but they are also available in square shape. Similarly, you can make your choice based on texture as well as the thickness of the plank.

5. Easy to Install
Luxury Vinyl Planks are fairly easy to install. Adjust the size of the planks with a utility knife and you are all set. There are two options for installation:
a. Tongue and Groove Design
You can fix these planks without nails or glue. They snap together like pieces of a puzzle.
b. Peel and Stick
You can peel off the paper from the back of the planks and stick them on the floor. It’s that simple!

6. Easy to Clean and Maintain
Compared to hardwood floors, Luxury Vinyl Planks are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Clean up the dirt with a vacuum cleaner and use a wet mop with a mild cleaner for deep cleaning.

If your vinyl floor dulls over time, don’t fret. You are not required to wax it as you wax a hardwood floor. 

7. Warm and Comfortable
Vinyl Plank Flooring can stay at room temperature. If you have central heating in your home, the floor won’t freeze your feet off as you step out of bed in the morning. Furthermore, it has a bit of padding so it won’t feel as hard as a wooden floor under your feet.

Vinyl Plank Flooring is the best option for homes with kids and pets. It is affordable, durable and easy to maintain. It’s great texture, warmth and colors make it an ideal choice for 2020 and beyond.