Benefits and features of hardwood vs wood look porcelain tile:

Hardwood floors are timeless and beautiful. They add value and decor to any motif, while raising the homes value.
  • Engineered hardwood can be installed directly on a concrete substrate; on, above or below grade.
  • Hardwood is available in varying widths, styles, colors and species. Both smooth and hand scraped.

Hardwood floors are durable and have a hardness rating (Janka) dependent on the species. They are easy to maintain, and can generally be sanded and refinished including changing the stain color. However hardwood will scratch and dent more readily than porcelain tile. Hardwood will oxidize over time, especially exotic species. This patina can be quite striking and beautiful.  

Porcelain wood look tile is 30% stronger than granite, easy to clean and offers superior wear resistance. Also available in varying widths, lengths, styles and colors (species).  With today's high definition imaging, better wood look tiles are visually indiscernible from hardwood. 

Wood look tile is more economical than hardwood, and can be installed with a minimal grout line. Both require professional installation for the best aesthetics.  Hardwood planks and wood look tile planks can be easily replaced for repairs. Hardwood is warmer underfoot while wood look tile is colder.