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Porcelain tile by All Flooring USA

Express yourself with porcelain tile and perfect your home!

Homeowners that are interested in adding porcelain tile to a home makeover should be pleased to find out that porcelain tile comes in a vast amount of colors, sizes, designs, and shapes. You can use porcelain tile to create an open, flawless look in more prominent areas, or apply it as a motif or design embellishment to complement room decor. Indeed, porcelain tile has so many creative uses and is such a gorgeous building medium, that it's no surprise how it is a favorite go-to material for interior designers and home decorators. Go ahead and express yourself with extremely durable, ever-practical porcelain tile!

Durable porcelain tile for any surface

Looking for a building material that is both durable and eye-catching? When you choose porcelain tile, you'll get a long-lasting wall and floor material that has a very long lifespan. What's more, it's moisture-resistant and fireproof, making it perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms or other water-prone areas of the house.

Porcelain tile for everyday household use

When used as a flooring material, porcelain tile is resistant to abrasions and general wear-and-tear associated with high amounts of foot-traffic. Additionally, there's no need to worry about skidding or slipping, as porcelain tile comes directly from the manufacturer with a high-traction surface permitted by its gritty anti-skid glaze.

Porcelain tile for easy maintenance and sanitary flooring

Where would we be without stain-resistant, hygienic, easy-care porcelain tile? Forgo the inevitable stinky, dirty appearance with other flooring options in areas that are usually hard to keep clean, and go straight for porcelain to enjoy how simple it is to maintain. Since it is also chemical-resistant, you won't have to worry about damaging porcelain tile with strong chemicals, should you need some deep cleaning.