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At All Flooring USA, we supply homeowners with premium-grade, high-quality carpet in the newest styles and the latest colors. When you come into our Colonial Street and Narcoossee Street Florida showrooms, you'll notice that we don't carry inferior brand carpeting. That's because All Flooring USA refuses to sell low-quality materials and substandard craftsmanship since we don't want our customers to waste their hard-earned money. So, when you're trying to figure out what carpet to buy for your new living room renovation or bedroom makeover, our on-site flooring pros will only show you the most exceptional carpet available on the market.

Help! What family-friendly carpet should I get for my house?

There's no question that choosing a carpet for your newborn's nursery, mom-in-law's reading nook, or darling son's Feng Shui themed bedroom can be a hair-raising experience. When it comes to selecting an ideal carpet, there's an overwhelming amount of things to decide on like patterns, coloration, pile styles, and textures. Truly, what will help you the most is chatting with your All Flooring USA showroom experts, as we're also your carpet renovation team. If you're bewildered about where to start with carpeting, then start with us!
Carpet in Orlando FL from All Flooring USA

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  • Wool Fiber Carpet: As wool fiber carpet is a warm, rich natural material, it is ideal for rooms where you, and possibly your little ones, want to be able to walk barefoot. Your toes will love the feel of wool carpet in the cooler months, as it keeps feet warm, as well as in the warmer months, as it keeps feet fresh. Wool fiber carpet is also naturally flame-retardant, odor-resistant, and stain-repellant, making it perfect for households with children.

  • Polyester Fiber Carpet: Polyester carpeting is just as prevalent in renovations and has many excellent advantages. Since polyester is a man-made fiber, it is manufactured to be both fade-resistant and stain-resistant. As it is one of the less expensive carpeting options, polyester carpet grants you a luxurious carpet at a more affordable price.

  • Nylon Fiber Carpet: If you're looking for a carpet that is incredibly tough and resistant, look no further than nylon carpet. For busy households, high-traffic areas, or commercial spaces, you can have this carpet chemically treated to protect against stains, minimize the likelihood of discoloration, or to increase its cleanability.

Do you live in the Orlando, East Orlando, Oviedo, Lake Nona, or Winter Springs areas? Then stop by our All Flooring USA showrooms and discuss which carpet would be best for your next flooring renovation.

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