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Design consultation by All Flooring USA

Gives homeowners accurate answers to confusing questions—and more!

Most homeowners planning to remodel have many important questions they need answered, and that's why All Flooring USA offers free design consultation. At All Flooring USA, we are dedicated to making our customers as fully informed as possible about their new interior design project through our free design consultation service. In this way, we give you the information you need to make smart decisions about the products and professional services that you need.

In the end, this adds up to having a high quality project completed to your complete satisfaction without unneeded stress and unnecessary extra costs. All Flooring USA's professional design consultation provides you with information on a wide variety of details that might otherwise be overlooked by an inexperienced homeowner. This typically includes information about color and texture coordination, product selection and creating a practical budget.

All Flooring USA free design consultation

You can expect the following during our free design consultation

  • Budget Planning - Our interior design experts will help you plan your budget so you'll understand what you can afford, and what you can't. They'll also make certain that you'll have about 10% more than you actually need for a contingency budget in the event of any emergency during your project

  • Color Planning - Our design professional will tell you what colors work best together to compliment your interior design scheme. You merely have to tell us what you colors you like and we'll find a way to make it happen.

  • Design Suggestions - If you have uncertainties about the actual interior design scheme, our professional will help you correct that problem with informed suggestions. This will be important in helping you select the right products and services that will meet your design goals.

What you need in the design consultation

All Flooring USA will give you high quality work, but we can't do it properly without your cooperation. Here's what you will need before your professional design consultation:

  • Your budget - You must determine just how much you can spend on furniture, materials, design, and of course any contingency. Naturally, you'll want to stay within the maximum budget you've determined.

  • Your rooms - What are you using each room for? You should be ready to describe each room in your home that will be remodeled.

  • Your family's needs – First, you need to figure out the best use of your available square footage, especially if you only have a small space. Second, we'll be able to help you decide if you only need of a small renovation, or a much bigger renovation. Third, we'll be able to tell you what you can do within your budget and available square footage. Finally, we'll inquire if you're planning this renovation to stay in your home and make it more comfortable, or because you're moving. This may not seem to be important, but it is because your design needs will be different.
Flooring Design Consultation in Orlando FL

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Call us in Orlando or visit our Orlando showroom in person to chat with one of our design professionals. We proudly service homeowners in Orlando, East Orlando, Lake Nona, Oviedo, Winter Springs and other local area Florida communities. We look forward to arranging your free design consultation.