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Flooring installation


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Flooring installation by All Flooring USA

All Flooring USA’s residential & commercial installation service ensures optimum quality for any type of flooring product.

All Flooring USA is pleased to offer flooring installation services to businesses as well as homeowners. Like you, we are a business, and know that it is really important to have your showroom or office looking up-to-date, tidy and professional. All Flooring USA prides itself on making your work place a warm and welcoming spot for your customers or clients. Our installers have many years of on-site knowledge with the installation of hardwood, carpeting, tile, laminate, vinyl, and much more.

Residential installation services

All Flooring USA knows that any quality flooring product deserves a professional installation. Your floors will look better, last longer and cost less if the job is done correctly the first time. We know this from our first-hand experience of having been often called upon to correct the mistakes made by inexperienced do-it-yourselfers.

When you choose All Flooring USA experts to install your floors, you can rely upon receiving beautiful and long lasting results. Bad installations are the leading cause of wasted money because of damages, repairs and replacement expenses.

Commercial installation services

A professional installation of your new floor speaks well of your business

There are numerous reasons why upgrading your business with a new floor makes good sense. These include:

Disrepair - No floor lasts forever, despite the fact that we'd like that. Regardless of the type of flooring you prefer, hardwood, overlay, laminate, cover, vinyl or tile, over time will eventually begin to show. When the floor covering starts to appear faded or the hardwood is starting to show scratches, it is most likely time to invest in something new.

Rebranding - if you’re rebranding your business, you may want to refresh the look of your space as well.

New location - If you have moved to a new location, you probably will need new flooring. Unless you are the first business in that location, you certainly don’t need to suffer with the former occupant’s dull-looking floors after years of foot traffic.

The fact is people are more likely to patronize your business if your location looks clean, neat and professional.

All Flooring USA can fulfill all your flooring needs for any type of flooring. Give us a call, or fill out our online form, to request a free no obligation consultation. Whether you areaFortune 500 company, a small mom-and-pop business, or a homeowner, there’s no job too big or too small. You can also drop by our Orlando showroom and discuss your need for new flooring installation with one of our professionals.
Flooring installation in Orlando FL

Professional preparation is generally recommended by flooring product dealers and manufacturers because:

Floor coverings may require different installation techniques - Some floor coverings are sensitive to the preparation conditions. For instance, hardwood floor coverings must stay at the installation site for at least 72 hours before they may be attached to the subfloor. This acclimation period prevents warping resulting from moisture. Another example is natural stone like marble that requires the proper preparation and treatment to avoid loose tiles and staining.

Your work will be completed sooner - Your floors can be put by an amateur, but on average, it can take days longer than you want. If you've got a busy routine, incorporating an additional week into your work plans can be a catastrophe. No one wishes to have to take off additional time from work or college! It would be much better to have your house straight back in order with your floors completed quickly. Our professionals can get your floors installed faster than any other regional provider.

It saves money - Self-installation is almost never recommended by floor coverings dealers and manufacturers. Although the reason given is usually that the installation may not be done properly, the other explanation is that it may end up costing more for correcting mistakes.